Every Cenegenics® patient has a different success story to tell, but the essentials are the same: They look, feel, and perform better in all areas of their lives.

Every Cenegenics® patient has a different success story to tell, but the essentials are the same: They look, feel, and perform better in all areas of their lives.

As successful entrepreneurs, executives and family members, our elite patients know that improving their health and the quality of their life is within their grasp. With a Cenegenics® 5-star team and state of the art testing available, your goals have never been so attainable before.

Our approach to age management has been shown to decrease the risk of age-related disease, increase physical and sexual vitality, improve sleep quality, increase muscle tone, decrease body fat and sharpen mental acuity.

Here are some unique success stories patients have shared with us:

Couple at Beach

My energy levels have increased dramatically. My moods are more consistent; I think clear and am much more focused. I am sleeping better and wake up in the morning feeling refreshed and in a good mood. I just finished a huge project that was very demanding and never ran short of energy or felt that I could not handle the workload.”

- D.K., Huntsville, AL

It was the most comprehensive evaluation of my health status that I’ve ever experienced.”

– M.K., MD, Ashland, KY

My body composition has changed dramatically. I haven’t been this lean in 20 years and it feels great! My wife is very happy as well…wink wink. My friends and co-workers have all commented on how vital and bright I appear in contrast to the tired and haggard ‘me’ they had grown accustomed to.”

- K.K., PA

Dear Dr. LaFerriere,


I wanted to write to you to thank you for all of your help and guidance in my journey with Cenegenics®. I feel like a changed man in just the past 7.5 months that I have been with you and Cenegenics. My body has changed significantly and I feel great.


This past week I got a new $500,000.00 dollar life insurance policy and was granted "premium preferred" status due to my blood pressure, chemistry tests and overall health. This would not have been true a year ago and it saved me money.


I think about what you and Pete have taught me each day when I eat or take a vitamin or exercise. The ability for me to share my issues and your ability to recognize how to respond to me along with your staff have made all of the difference.


It was a big decision to join the Cenegenics® family but it was the right one. I'm glad that I stayed with the program and I will continue to do that. I only ask that you continue to help me with my health because I can only see even better things in the future as long as I stay with the program. Please say hi to Pete and Angela for me as they have also made it so easy for me. See you soon.




Ed Prince

New Jersey

Follow Larry Mendte’s journey with Cenegenics® Philadelphia

Dr. Ishman, CEO of Cenegenics Philadelphia, appeared on Philadelphia area WMCN-TV talk show, Dawn, hosted by Dawn Stensland-Mendte. Dawn interviews Dr. Ishman and his patient, news commentator and journalist, Larry Mendte (who just happens to be her husband).

Juan C.

Juan C

Dr. Ishman

Dr. Ishman

Mark F.

Mark F
Misha VanSluis

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